Updated: Nov 18, 2019

In August Bastian attended this year’s edition of the Neurohackademy, organized by Ariel Rokem and Tal Yarkoni of the eScience Institute at the University of Washington in Seattle.

The Neurohackademy is a two weeks long hybrid of summer school and hackathon. In the first week, participants attend workshops organized by internationally leading scientists from academia and industry in the field of neuroimaging. Workshops range from topics like Reproducibility over Cloud-based Computing to AI and Neuroethics. In the second week, attendees propose hackathon projects and work on them full-time.

Bastian himself proposed the “deGANerate” tool and developed it together with a group of seven other, international attendees. They utilized cyclic Generative Adversarial Networks, a deep learning technique, to simulate and synthesize atrophic brains out of healthy young ones, in a similar fashion as the well-known FaceApp is able to predict, how one would look like 30 years from now. Apart from all the learning, networking and hacking, there was of course enough time to explore the local brewery scene of Seattle. (Photographs by Jane Koh)

Together with the MR-physics group of Professor Tony Stöcker and the Medical-Image-Analysis group of Professor Martin Reuter from the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE), the Translational Neuroimaging Group has co-organized the “Workshop on MRI Acquisition and Analysis Methods for Epilepsy Research”. It took place from September 25th to 27th in Steinfeld in the Eifel mountains. The idea of this workshop was to establish new cooperations, which span from the level of the proton, over the field of advanced image analysis, to diagnostic MR-images of epilepsy patients. A lot of common projects have evolved from the days in Steinfeld, including projects in the ultra-high field, and there was also some time to taste the delicious Klosterbier.

The Summer School on Imaging in Epilepsy, Epilepsy Surgery and Epilepsy Research (SuSie) 2019 took place at the end of August 2019 in Bochum in the west of Germany. Bastian, Martin, Tobias and Theodor have offered two scientific sessions and one workshop. Their workshop on “DTI and tractography – clinical and research applications” included a hands-on practical to teach the participants how to reconstruct white matter pathways. Besides, a scientific session on “MRI-physics: Advanced Neuroimaging Methods” with cooperator Prof. Tony Stöcker and another one on “Artificial Intelligence in Epilepsy Imaging” was conducted. As one of many renowned speakers the group`s founding father Prof. Christian Elger contributed to this extraordinary event. We hope to be there next year as well!

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