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Matthias Schmitz

M.D. candidate

Since I started studying medicine, macroscopic anatomy has been a passion of mine. Through tutoring I became more and more intrigued with neuroanatomy as a combination of abstract models on the one hand, and very much palpable structures on the other.
Naturally I didn’t hesitate when I was offered the opportunity to work in the translational neuroimaging group, as it combines aspects of neuroanatomy with technical and modern approaches to the imaging of the brain.
My studies will focus on the evaluation of an AI-based approach to diagnosing focal cortical dysplasias and its translation into clinical use.   



2021-present   M.D. candidate, University of Bonn, Germany

2019/2020.      Erasmus, University of Valencia, Spain

2016-present   Medicine, University of Bonn, Germany


+49 (0) 228 6885-283

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