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Annual word wide video symposium March 20/21 2021

The Translational Neuroimaging Group participated in the annual worldwide video symposium, organized by the International Association for Mapping the Brain (IamBrain)/Brain Mapping Society, which took place on March 20 and 21, 2021, and was held online due to COVID-19. We were captivated by the informative lectures and talks, held by a group of renowned, multidisciplinary researchers in clinical and basic neurosciences and were able to learn a lot that will be valuable and of great interest for our own research. Amid these very challenging times, the symposium was a great chance for scientific exchange that is definitely restricted at the moment. We spent the time between talks virtually discussing particularly interesting talks for our group, but also to keep in touch, as we do not regularly see each other, due to the pandemic. So not only did we have a great weekend with interesting talks and valuable scientific exchange, but we also strengthened our team spirit.


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