Sun, sciences and socializing on the FSL course in Split, Croatia

Since we usually sit in a room with shutters closed, trying to avoid the sun and heat to crawl inside our computer lab (yes, it is that warm in Germany!), Selma used the opportunity to attend this year’s FSL course in Croatia from 17th -21st of June.

With the beach opposite to the course location, Selma learned the analyses of different MRI modalities and underlying mathematical models, that provided her with new ideas and skills to apply to the dataset she is investigating on Rasmussen’s encephalitis. During coffee breaks and social events with an ocean view, Selma got to learn from experiences of other neuroscientists from around the whole world and their expertise with MRI analysis.

Coming back highly motivated with a lot of new ideas, the best part of the FSL course was the patient support of the FSL supervisors, and the enthusiasm they shared for their research, while the worst part was, of course, the post-course grieving ;-)

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