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Updated: May 15

In april, the long hours of learning finally paid off as Antonia, Felix, Freya, Guillaume, Kjell, Laura and Johannes successfully completed the three-day-long medical exams. Now it's time to get some clinical experience: They will spread all around Germany and nearby countries to work for a year in various fields at hospitals of their choice. Good luck!

In march, our group visited the 12th Dreiländertagung 2023 in Berlin, organized by the Joint Annual Meeting of the German and Austrian Societies of Epileptology and the Swiss Epilepsy League. We presented our most recent work with a total of 8 posters and talks. Freya's project about blood-brain dysfunction in temporal lobe epilepsy and Tobias' work on subcortical grey matter in Rasmussen's encephalitis received poster prizes. We had a great time at the conference connecting with like minded colleagues and very much enjoyed our stay in Berlin!

In cooperation with the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases in Bonn (DZNE), our research group now has access to ultrahigh field magnetic resonance imaging!

Instead of using an MRI scanner with a magnetic field strength of 3 Tesla, we can now acquire data with a 7 Tesla scanner. The main advantage of this is generating images with higher spatial resolution. Moreover, the Translational Neuroimaging Lab is currently working with MRI physicists at the DZNE to pilot participants and optimize scanner sequences for given regions of interest. In many cases the origin of epilepsy could not be found with a common MRI scanner, but hopefully using the 7 Tesla scanner will give us new insights about patients with epileptic seizures. We are so excited for the results!

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