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New Year, New Affiliation

From 2024, the Translational Neuroimaging Team will also be affiliated with the Department of Neuroradiology at the University Hospital of Bonn and its director, Professor Alexander Radbruch. At the same time, it will maintain its close links and formal affiliation with the Department of Epileptology and its director, Professor Rainer Surges. The team is looking forward to working with their new colleagues, and Theodor comments: "The dual affiliation of the Translational Neuroimaging Group with the Departments of Neuroradiology and Epileptology not only opens up many opportunities for translational neuroimaging research, it just makes sense, given that neuroimaging is what we do!" He adds: "We will try to become a rock-solid bridge between the two sites! Directly from the bore to the bedside...."

Professor Alexander Radbruch is the head of the department of neuroradiology at Bonn University Hospital.


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